A2P 10DLC Registration

Due to policy changes mandated by the cellular phone carriers, you are required to register for A2P 10DLC services. A2P stands for “Application-to-Person”, denoting automated message sending, and “10DLC” refers to the 10-digit long codes utilized. This new regulation aims at improving messaging service and protecting against spam.

It’s important to understand that for U.S. users, or for those sending SMS messages to U.S. contacts, compliance with these changes is mandatory. So, by registering for A2P 10DLC, we can ensure improved message quality, beneficial for your communication needs.

We need your registration details because every campaign needs to be uniquely identified under these regulations, guaranteeing higher delivery success and full compliance.

Please complete this mandatory registration form, keeping in mind that your information remains secure with Nowsite. Registration also costs money. Please note, there is a fee associated with registration. For a detailed breakdown of these costs, please refer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 10DLC registration and why do we have to comply with it?
A: A2P 10DLC registration is a protocol that is part of a system implemented by the Carriers in the United States that requires businesses to be verified to send texts to people through an app like Nowsite
Q: How do I know if my organization needs to register for 10DCL?
A: If your organization sends text messages through Nowsite to recipients in the United States from a 10-digit phone number ie: 555-555-5555 then you need to register for 10DLC.
Q: Why should we comply with these new requirements?
A: It’s important to comply with registration requirements so your messages are sent from a “verified” organization resulting in the best deliverability, which in turn leads to better engagement with your customers. Registering your account will also increase how quickly your messages get delivered to recipients, which is particularly helpful if you’re texting larger audiences.
Q: What happens if we are not registered?
A: Organizations that are not registered will see their text messages filtered or throttled by cellular phone carriers, meaning they will not be delivered to their intended recipients because they are not coming from a “verified” organization.
Q: Does 10DLC registration affect organizations in Canada?
A: Yes, but only organizations that send text messages to recipients in the United States need to register. So if your organization is in Canada but you sent text messages to supporters in the USA you need to register.
Q: What is considered a “Campaign”
A: A campaign, in the context of SMS services, refers to the broad categorization of activities you execute through text messaging. For instance, all of your marketing efforts, from promotions to product updates, would constitute a specific ‘Marketing’ campaign that needs registration.

Registration Costs

For Business without a tax ID

  • One-time Brand Registration: $4
  • One-time Campaign Vetting Fee: $15 per Campaign – Additional fees apply if Campaign is resubmitted upon initial failure
  • Monthly Campaign Fee: $3.50 per Campaign

Registration Form